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The structure of the eco-park "Medvino" includes a complex of farms and its own production of eco products.

As natural as possible

The basic principle of «Medvino» is harmonic and natural attitude to animals and plants of the complex. The animals are kept in natural and simultaneously proper sanitary conditions. We practice contactless milking, free and unrestricted gazing of cattle 250 days a year and feeding them only by our own forage.

Quality is our top priority!

In crop and animal farming we bet on quality and safety of products.
«Medvino» eco-farms use modern technologies and possess the newest Swiss equipment, ensuring speed and reliability of manufacturing process. «Medvino» processes raw products directly at its own territory; combined with delivery by its own transport, it ensures freshness of the final product.

Manufacturing process safety

The foodstuff is produced in conformance with demands of national standards and rules of product safety. Each unit of meat, dairy, vegetable products by «Medvino» is guaranteed to be fresh, healthy and natural.

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1 000

liters of cow
milk daily

cameras for cheese
maturing and preservation


m2 is the area
of cheese
dairy production


liters of
goat milk

for milk processing
from Italy
and Turkey

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Our own products

• Milk 3,8%
• Kefir 3,2%
• Classic yoghurt 3,2%
• Cream 30%
• Sour cream 20%
• Butter 82%
• Cottage cheese 0%, 5%, 9%
• «Ukrainian» cheese 50%
(maturation period 4-8 months)
• Soft cheese
(maturation period up to 10 days)
- Suluguni cheese 45%
- Adygei cheese 45%

• Goat milk 3,8%
• Cheese
(maturation period 4-5 months)
- Hard pressed cheese: Lamanch 50%
- Semi-hard: Caciotta 50%

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