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«Medvino» eco-park is a unique natural complex under construction, located far from big cities. It combines «green» tourism, entertainments for entire family and manufacture of ecologically pure products. This is an unmatched area for family vacation, rich with pure unspotted nature, fresh air, organic food and possibility to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the modern city.

While dad is fishing, hunting or riding ATV, mom can take children for a walk around the park or wild animals zoo, or to go and see daily routine of eco farm. Or all your family can take a bike tour to ride around the park and see its nature and inhabitants.

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Uniqueness of the eco-park

a network of own
meat and dairy farms,
busy with manufacturing
own organic products

The land site of spectacular nature covers 300 hectares and is located 150 km away from the capital of Ukraine, between Kyivske water gathering reservoir and general zoo- and landscape protection area. For fishing fans the park offers a unique combination of several waterbodies – rivers Teteriv and Prypiat, Kyiv water gathering reservoir and local lakes.

safari-park is
located on the area
of 25 hectares

arboretum is
currently under
construction on the area
of 10 hectares


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